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On Monday 11 April 2022, the Directors of JJK Enterprises and Property Management Pty Ltd sought advice into putting the company into voluntary administration and can confirm appointed FTI consulting as receivers and liquidators to be advised.

The directors followed the news to staff being notified of the unstable financial position after an unsuccessful attempt to keep the business trading. The cause of voluntary liquidation being attributed to several aspects including Covid-19, recent local flooding and current health issues of a director. 

The enterprise and property management company was formed in March 2020 and undertook many projects throughout South East Queensland including but not limited to, JKS Swim School, JKS Hot Food, JK’S Autocare and Flock Eatery.  The associated businesses hold numerous accolades as the recipient of many business awards during its operation.

As of 11 April 2022, the business has ceased trading and all ongoing projects are on hold until the liquidation process can establish any options for these projects.

JJK Enterprises and Property Management Pty Ltd has in excess of 40 employees whose outstanding entitlements are expected to be paid in full. 

Director, Mr Kelly said, “We have agonised over this decision. Staff have been at the centre of each discussion and we understand and appreciate the impact this has on everyone involved including staff, the broader community and the industry. We are doing everything we can to support everyone to understand the process currently underway, with the sensitivity and compassion it deserves.”

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Learn To Swim Classes

Aqua Aerobics


Learn To Swim Classes

We offer swimming lessons to all children, no matter how old, how much experience or confidence they have around the water. 

It’s as easy as contacting us, booking in a time and date, and just turning up for a swim – we’ll do the rest! This 30-minute session with other new learners, will help our qualified teachers determine which swim and skill development level is most suitable for the child. 

Aqua Aerobics

The average 45-minute pool workout burns approximately 450 calories. Higher than a 45-minute run at a moderate pace. Low impact on your joints.

It will help you increase muscle strength, by providing a natural resistance that can range from four to forty times greater than air.

Increase flexibility by allowing your joints to have a natural increase in their range of motion. Decrease your stress while you burn calories in one of our classes. Suitable for every age.


Hydrotherapy involves the use of water to treat various conditions, such as arthritis, rheumatic complaints and other ailments. Our specialty trained physiotherapist will tailor the exercises to your specific needs.

It’s great for those with injuries or disabilities. Hydrotherapy can decrease pain and swelling, increase function, strength and range of movement. It has been shown to improve mood and sleep in some, fitness and weight loss in others.

Mothers Club

JK’s Swim School Mothers Club is all about staying healthy during pregnancy and building water confidence with newborns.

 Why join the club:

·       Free pool access for up to 12 months*

·       Your own Facebook group.

·       Special Learn To Swim offers.

·       Special Group Fitness offers.


Swimming is one of the safest ways to exercise while pregnant, and is shown to improve physical fitness, as well as enhance psychological well-being.

*please ask our staff on times that the pool is available.

Find the group on Facebook JK’s Swim School Mums and Bubs Club | Facebook

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